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At Formetco, our flexible financing options and ad revenue plans make cutting-edge LED Video Scoreboards from a dream to reality, no matter what size your school is!

From Division 1 stadiums to D2 and D3 fields, our boards come with a flexible and profitable process for our customers. Our comprehensive approach and competitive finance rates mean our boards fit into any budget. Ad sales revenue potential has no limit, and we’ll walk you through a dedicated sales plan so your board will pay for itself! Most schools pay off their boards in just a couple of years and draw in plenty of revenue for various improvements and programs.

Painless financing with no required money down

12-month deferred first payment from installation

Competitive interest rates & flexible terms up to 10 years

Finance now to free up money for other school expenses

Build community involvement with local ad options

Plan for Success. Get Your Board.

LED Video Scoreboard

Get coaches’ support

Improving your teams means being a team. It’s best to present a unified front when trying to get financial approval. Whether you sell them on the board with its ability to feature athletes or boost the team’s budget, it’s crucial that coaches from various departments visualize using the board and reaping the rewards. The more activities that can benefit from using it, the easier it will be to get your school board’s sign-off on a new LED video scoreboard.

Remote Control Scoreboard

Position for maximum visibility

For an outdoor board, both stadium and road visibility are major wins, allowing you to utilize both sides of your board. Not every school will be able to use the back of the board as an additional static billboard, but having the opportunity can significantly increase the school’s ad revenue. If the board is visible in a high-traffic area, it can be used 24/7 for digital ads. Otherwise, if faced toward the school parking lot, it can share information with the student body and be a focal point during games and other events.

LED Video Scoreboard

Make your teams accountable

By making various teams responsible for helping pay off the board, it becomes 100% yours that much faster. Our ad technology helps you determine everyone’s contributions, and the leftover funds can be used for tournament entries, travel costs, new uniforms, etc. For the sports that can’t use the board during games, they can sell ads that run at other times in the day or during events to raise money.

Remote Control Scoreboard

Get a point person

The person handling the advertising needs to have enough time to do so. This may mean having a teacher or assistant principal with dedicated hours to meet with potential advertisers and to ensure the board is ready to go for games. Many schools have classes or clubs that allow students to gain real-world experience working with the production of setting up the boards, video production and shooting commercials for advertisers. Paired with the point person, this combination makes for an easier time selling video ads and getting the board ready for live events and games.

LED Video Scoreboard

Understand the ad’s value

Advertisers are willing to pay more for video ads to catch more attention than a traditional banner. Talk to a few companies who consistently advertise with a banner and see how much they would be willing to pay for a video ad. Throw in the free student production, and you could see that value rise. One school we talked to sells digital or video ads for a minimum of $2,500 each and has numerous ads and sponsors per game.

Remote Control Scoreboard

Build community relationships

Once an ad is sold, nurture the relationship between your point person handling advertising and the sponsor. Stop into their business, check out their newest promotions they want to run and ensure they know you’re thinking of them and appreciate them. This is a great opportunity to help local and small businesses in your own community.

LED Video Scoreboard

Use it for senior night, movie night, upcoming events lists and more

These LED video scoreboards can and should be used as often as possible. Whether for senior night, movie night or tournament, create special ads that can be used for each new event. The more you advertise, the more revenue you’ll generate, and the more successful your team and school will be.

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