Exclusive SignBird Sports Package (SSP)

Partnering with SignBird, Formetco Sports brings you an LED scoreboard experience that redefines excitement. This exclusive offer is designed to maximize your investment and enhance your marketing efforts.

What's Included in the SSP?

Professional Aerial Scoreboard Photos

Capture the magnificence of your new digital scoreboard with high-quality aerial drone photos. These images showcase your venue in a breathtaking light, perfect for impressing sponsors and fans alike.

Stadium Drone Photos

Elevate your marketing with aerial views of your venue, featuring your new LED scoreboard. This unique perspective is not just visually stunning but also a powerful tool in attracting sponsors and demonstrating the grandeur of your sports facility.

Field Drone Photos

Experience a complete visual showcase of your field. Our field drone photos bring your venue to life, offering sponsors a firsthand glimpse of the action-packed game environment.

Scoreboard Video Proposal

Our innovative Scoreboard Video Proposal combines dynamic video clips into an engaging "elevator pitch" style presentation. This isn’t just a presentation; it’s a compelling story of your venue, designed to captivate potential sponsors and electrify your digital footprint.

Ready to revolutionize your game day experience?

Visit www.signbird.io for more information or reach out to us at sales@signbird.io. Let Formetco Sports and SignBird elevate your stadium into a landmark of sports entertainment.

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